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Office Goals

If elected Cody will continue to modernize the office and increase the training of its personnel.

Coroner's Office Facility

ISSUE: The Marshall County Coroner's Office currently operates out of numerous funeral homes, business, and residences.  When families contact our office we must meet them at a business or location within the county to discuss their loved ones death.  

SOLUTION: Work with the Marshall County Commission to build a facility suitable for the Coroner's Office to use for all aspects of its operation.  Having a central location would allow the office to bring everything under one roof and facility.

Vehicle Fleet Expansion

ISSUE: We have been fortunate to acquire two vehicles in 2021 to aid our investigators in responding to calls.  With a total of seven investigator positions, we lack the appropriate number of vehicles to adequately, safely, and efficiently response to calls.

SOLUTION: Work with the Marshall County Commission to acquire one to two more vehicles which would allow on-call deputies a safe and reliable vehicle for responding to calls.

Coroner and Deputy Coroner National Certification

ISSUE: Prior to taking office training of the death investigators within this office was slim.  Coroner's throughout the state are diverse in the training standards for their department.

SOLUTION: I will work to ensure all of the death investigators in this office are nationally certified Medicolegal Death Investigators through the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigation.  This certification will ensure this office is ready to investigate deaths in the field and provide the appropriate information to the Medical Examiners

Coroner Vehicle/Equipment

ISSUE: The Marshall County Coroner currently owns and operates his/her own vehicle for fulfilling the duties of the office.  No other county official must use his/her own vehicle to perform the duties of their office.  Many of the calls the Coroner responses to requires parking on the side of roadways, fields, driveways, and other publicly traveled areas.  The vehicle is covered by his/her own private automobile insurance and any accidents or damage is covered by the personal funds of the Coroner.  The Coroner also travels throughout the county and may crisscross the county multiple times during a single week.

SOLUTION: Work with the County Commission to purchase and equip a SUV for use of the Coroner’s Office.  Seek additional funding to help maintain and operate the vehicle and equipment.

Electronic Cremation Permits        

ISSUE: Currently any individual who dies within Marshall County, regardless of location within the county, must have a written permit to be cremated.  This process can sometimes take 24 hours or longer to receive a cremation permit from the Coroner

SOLUTION: An online system that will allow funeral homes to complete the permit online and receive a confirmation within a few minutes after completing the request.  This will speed up the process of the receiving permits from the coroner.

Work on Public Relations

ISSUE: The Coroner’s Office is the least known office in the county.  It is not publicly visible in anyway to the citizens of Marshall County.  The citizens often do not know who serves them in the Coroner’s Office.

SOLUTION: The Coroner and Deputy Coroner’s will become more visible to the public with insignia and uniforms shirts and jackets that will allow them to stand out.  The Coroner’s office will also be more visible by helping at public events and activities.

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